Reading flip guides
FAQs The guides are produced in response to the most frequent genre requests by students.

The pictures below are from The Nina Crone Library at Melbourne Girls Grammar.

They are particularly useful when the literature librarian is absent, or busy with a class or with other students.

The cards are produced in-house. They are formatted on Word, printed out, guillotined along the block edges, folded in half and then laminated.

The cards are 9cm wide and 13cm high.

The images and blurbs are downloaded from online bookstores such as Booktopia & Book Depository.
The pithy and somewhat droll genre blurbs are written by me (at Read it! Loved it! or on Instagram).

The key rings used are 35mm in diameter and were purchased from a local hardware store.

As of March 15 2018, only three guides have been produced:  Year 5 and 6: Murder mysteries, Mystery stories and Real life graphic novels.

Horse stories, humorous stories, dog stories, fantasy graphic novels, verse novels will be next, and then guides for Year 7s and 8s will be produced.

Wildfell is the Year 5 and 6 mini-campus within Melbourne Girls Grammar.

As a guide is completed, it will be added to the list below.


Years 5 & 6: Template

 Completed guides
Years 5 & 6: Horror stories

Years 5 & 6: Horse stories

Years 5 & 6: Murder mysteries

Years 5 & 6: Mystery stories

Years 5 & 6: Novel or Graphic novel

Years 5 & 6: Real life graphic novels


Updated:  07/08/2019