Yes, it is a simple website, but a few matters should be clarified:

1: I have read every book included in Read it! Loved it!

2: A book is included only if I have loved reading it.

3: I only include books that I have read and loved since the year 2000 (when I first started working as a teacher-librarian).

4: I have a thing about purple. I consider the Purple picks to be essential reading.

5: Read it! Loved it! does not include sequels unless the sequel is self-contained and does not need any explanation by previous titles. Believe me, it was a difficult decision to make, especially as it means excluding Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, The voyage of the Dawn Treader, The restaurant at the end of the universe, The silver blade, Then, Mr Gum and the biscuit billionaire and The reptile room. Anyway, the first title in a series is generally the best one, most of the time...

6: I do NOT receive any free books or promotional gifts. Read it! Loved it! is completely independent and does not receive any commercial or financial backing.

7: Read it! Loved it! has been designed to be viewed on an iPad/iPhone (or similar devices) and not desktops/laptops.